Product Categories by Application

In industry, aerogel is increasingly being used as insulation material for pipelines,
pipelines, and in cryogenic applications. In construction, it is often used as insulation material to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. In the field of renewable energy, aerogel is used as insulation material in solar cells and batteries to increase their performance and efficiency. In the textile industry, it is used as  Insulation material in clothing and sports equipment to retain heat.


Aerogel in Industry

Aerogel can withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for insulation in high-temperature applications such as ovens, boilers, steam turbines, and high-temperature pipes, as well as in cryogenic applications such as liquefied gas and liquid nitrogen tanks. Due to its hydrophobic properties, Aerogel insulation effectively minimizes damage caused by CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).

Aerogel-Coating/Paste: AG-BRCJZ01, AG-BRCJZ02 Aerogel- Coating/Paste: AG-SWJ Aerogel-Felt: AG-BRF650 and AG-BRF950 Aerogel-Felt: GJN-BR400 AG-FⒸ Aerogel Cold Insulation Felt

Due to their high porosity and excellent thermal insulation properties, Aerogel products have found a wide range of applications in the construction industry, such as thermal insulation for exterior facades and interior spaces, soundproofing, manufacturing of window glazing, and in fire protection.

Aerogel-Coating/Paste: AG-BRCJZ01, AG-BRCJZ02 Aerogel-Multilayer-Board: AG-BRMF Aerogel-Felt: AG-BRF650 and AG-BRF950 Aerogel-Felt: GJN-BR400 Aerogel Composite Noncombustible Insulation Board: AG-BRP2 Aerogel-Felt: AG-FS

Aerogel can be used in the battery technology of electric vehicles to effectively insulate the batteries/battery modules and reduce heat generation. By using aerogel, batteries can last longer and deliver higher performance.

Aerogel-Felt: AG-BRF650 and AG-BRF950

Aerogel-based flexible, ultra-thin fabrics are suitable for the production of functional clothing, as an intermediate layer for soundproof and thermal-insulating curtains with waterrepellent, environmentally friendly, and flame-retardant properties.

Aerogel-Powder: AG-BRDC15 and AG-BRDC50