Aerogel high-performance insulation material

Aerogel is an extremely porous material (porosity rate up to 99.98%) with very low density and excellent insulation properties. Thanks to its very low thermal conductivity, it is frequently used as insulation material in the construction and industrial sectors, as well as in electromobility.

Innovative insulation material

The use of nanotechnology in the production of aerogel makes it possible to create a material with unique properties that are not achievable with conventional materials. These properties make it an innovative insulation material that offers higher performance than traditional insulation materials while also being lighter and more space-saving.

Highest thermal insulation performance

Aerogel is a porous solid with an extremely low density and high porosity. It has a very low thermal conductivity, which means it can effectively insulate heat. In fact, aerogel has the lowest thermal insulation capability of all known materials (up to 0.013 W/(m·K), making it an extremely effective insulation material.


Aerogel is a sustainable building material due to its use of waste products in the production of silicon metal and silicon wafers, its durability, reusability, and energy efficiency.



Aerogel is chemically resistant and extremely durable.


Aerogel is diffusion-open (breathable) and can be optimally used for internal insulation.

Environmentally friendly

Aerogel is considered to be safe for health and environmentally friendly.
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Fire protection

Aerogel is non-combustible and meets all requirements for fire protection.


With a density of 0.16 kg/m³, aerogel is one of the lightest solids.


The fine-pored structure of aerogel provides effective sound insulation.

Water repellent

Aerogel is hydrophobic, which means it has low affinity to water and does not absorb or allow water to pass through easily.

Thermal insulation

Aerogel has an extremely low thermal conductivity (λ = 0.013 – 0.018 W/mK) and is excellently suited as insulation material.
Our products

Aerogel Powder / Granules

With an extremely low thermal conductivity of ≤0.018 W/(m·K) at 25℃ and an extremely high porosity rate of 90~95%, our aerogel powders and granulates are the excellent raw material for further processing.


Aerogel Panels

Aerogel panels can be manufactured in combination with other materials to meet various requirements for thermal insulation, sound insulation, and compressive strength.


Aerogel Coating / Paste

Aerogel paint/paste can be used as thermal insulation in construction or as flexible industrial insulation in liquid form.


Aerogel Felts

Aerogel blankets have numerous applications in areas such as pipeline, piping, and tank insulation in industry, as well as insulation for battery modules in electromobility.

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